How is Your Home Value Analyzed?

Current Market Home Value ApproacH

The RLP Difference


The top variables considered to accurately analyze your home's value.


Lot value is the foundation of the overall value. Elevation and topography, location, and the direction a lot is facing are among the factors.


The distance and sightline to neighbors, as well as the scope and noise level of nearby public traffic are all assessed.


Captivating views can add significant value to a home. Don’t take Park City’s picturesque vistas for granted.

Building Quality

Knowing the homebuilder is critical to understanding the attention paid to details such as thickness of the walls and insulation strength.


Functional use of space is paramount. Functional use of space is paramount. It not only impacts energy flow, but also socialization in the home.

Internal Finishings

The selection and quality of materials used throughout the home are vital to the design, functionality and overall living experience.

External Finishings

The finishes defining the exterior of the home should aesthetically complement the architecture and surrounding environment.

The Robison Luxury Properties Three Pillars of Real Estate

Wise real estate decisions require three key components: Investment, Building and Design.

Purchasing A Home, Whether It’s Your Primary Or Second Home, Is A Significant Decision...It's A Significant Investment.

Years ago a friend told me, when buying residential property it is either an emotional purchase or an investment purchase. To me, it shouldn’t be an either or. It should be both.

Over the years I have consistently heard people use “price per square foot” as the main measurement for justifying a homes price. In a homogenous neighborhood, I get it. That makes sense (most of the time). But why is that?

When someone is looking to by a 4-door sedan or SUV, they don’t compare a BMW with a Toyota by saying, “What is the price per ton?” So when buying or selling a home, we should be considering a number of variables: for instance... Location, privacy, views, quality of the build, materials used, layout, to name a few.

We believe something is really missing from the residential property market. Yes, we get it, having an emotional attachment to a home you are living in is critical and important. But making sure that you are buying an asset that has strong upside potential should be just as important.